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Many moons ago Allan unhappy selling on eBay decided to start his own online store. After paying people to build him sites, he was not happy with the results and found the site very lacking in what it could do. Not being the type that would give up Allan sat for 18 hours a day and taught himself web development. He found it was something he had a passion for and would push the limits of Zen Cart making it do whatever he choose by adapting mods to suit his needs.

A company Allan had dealings with in the UK had been let down by a web developer and asked Allan if he could do some work for them, they were so impressed Allan became their only web developer and he worked for them for 7 years helping them increase their turnover to over £1 million a year.

Allan trained his wife to do the more repetitive jobs and so Top to Bottom Web Development was born. Today Allan still builds and tests every website himself.

Zen Cart specialists


Top to Bottom Web Development are specialists in Zen Cart e-commerce website design program. Zen Cart is truly an open source shopping cart, unlike other carts you will not end up paying out for plug-ins.


WordPress is web software that can be used to create beautiful showcase for your business. While it is a free platform it can become expensive because of paid plugins, Top to bottom will help you keep the cost down by avoiding hidden costs.


Top to Bottom builds responsive websites, so it does not matter if your customers view your site on a desktop, laptop, tablet, android, iPhone or any other device, the site will adapt and look good.