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My name is Wayne Crowe and I used to run a fairly large E-commerce company with a turn over around £130,000 per month. The company was run for 7 years and during that time we only used 1 developer that we trusted and knew would always be there, this was Allan. He has never let us down in these 7 years and his knowledge and determination to get the job done in time and correctly is second to none.

As a company that grew very quickly, we had our teething problems but Allan was available every step of the way being one of the main drivers for our success. If we could think it Allan could make Zencart do it. Problems often arose any time around the clock, but Allan was on hand at any time we needed him night or day and would often put himself out to get the job done as Allan’s focus is always on making sure we never lost more than we had to.

There were times Allan had to work through the night to get jobs done, and we knew we could always trust Allan’s judgement as he only ever had the best intentions of the company at heart more so than anyone I have ever known.

“I have always found the service from Allan at Top to Bottom Web Development to be prompt, reliable and good value.
The work he has done for me has solved every problem that I have presented him with and I am a very happy customer.”

Richard Austin

Rainbow Wholefoods 

Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste

Richard Austin, CEO Rainbow Wholefoods

My wife’s business had suffered for months with getting a complete web solution that was both functional and continuously accessible. Being told by the 1st web designer that certain functionality couldn’t be done and 2nd designer resulting in the site being offline for several days; Allan has proven to be a breath of fresh air with a “can do” attitude without over inflated pricing. Cannot tell you how relieved we are that the site is now fully functional and in reliable hands.

Scott and Anne Ireland, PropertyConciergePH

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